Flaws are physical and mental maladies, bad habits, and other foibles. Every time your character takes a Flaw (willingly or not), he receives a one-time bonus of +1 to his next Advancement Roll.

As with Perks, feel free to create custom Flaws for your setting. The only word of advice is to manifest the Flaw, wherever possible, through some mechanical effect. In other words, it’s easier to enforce a Flaw via a die roll modifier than to rely on a player’s ability (or consistent willingness) to roleplay it.

Flaw Descriptions

Flaws are listed below; the numbers are provided to allow random determination by the GM when desired.

1d30 Flaw Description
1 Awkward Penalise Diplomacy rolls by -2
2 Butt Ugly Penalise Diplomacy rolls by -2
3 Butterfingers Penalise Tinker rolls by -2
4 Cataracts Penalise Observe and Shoot rolls by -2
5 Clueless Penalise Academics rolls by -2
6 Debt Financial obligation of 3d6 x $1,000
7 Frail Reduce Wound Limit (WL) by -2
8 Gimp Reduce Movement Rate (MR) by –2” and downgrade Movement Die by 1 step (e.g., d8 to d6, d6 to d4, d4 to d2)
9 Glass Ceiling Increase Advancement Cost by +2
10 Hearing Defect Penalise Observe rolls by –2 (can’t hear well)
11 Humanitarian Cannot land Killer Blow upon vanquished foes
12 Lazy Penalise Resistance vs. Fatigue by –2
13 Oblivious Penalise Observe rolls by –2
14 Outsider Penalise Diplomacy rolls by –2
15 Pacifist Fights only in self-defence
16 Phobia Requires Mettle roll (TN 8+threat’s level) to face a specific threat
17 Photosensitive Penalise all ARs in full light by –2
18 Power Strain Powers wielded at ½ normal effect
19 Restricted Armour Maximum armour bulk of Light
20 Restricted Weapons Maximum weapon size of Medium
21 Savage Always lands Killer Blow upon vanquished foes
22 Shakes Resistance Roll vs. Fatigue required after any intense action (combat, escape, et al.)
23 Sickly Penalise Resistance vs. Disease and Poison by –2
24 Slow Penalise Initiative Modifier (IM) by –2
25 Spendthrift Wasteful spending reduces effective income by 10%
26 Spineless Penalise Mettle rolls by –2 (lack of confidence)
27 Unfriendly Penalise Diplomacy rolls by -2
28 Unlucky Reduce Clutch Situations by –2 each level
29 Wasteful Penalise Gear Checks by –2
30 Wild Shot Penalise Ammo Checks by –2

Overcoming Flaws

You can overcome a Flaw by “paying it off.” This is done as an improvement during character advancement and costs 2 Improvement Points.

At the GM’s discretion, some Flaws require effort to suppress and control (e.g., Phobia, Unfriendly, Wasteful, et al.). This work is represented by reducing the number of IP received at advancement time by 1. You may ignore this penalty, but that causes a relapse and the Flaw returns.