Monsters are creatures in the setting (animals, predators, fantastic beasts, etc.). While intelligent or “social” monsters may have classes, most don’t, and are represented by base stats and Adaptations.

Creating Monsters

Monsters are varied, so don’t constrain yourself to creating them with the same guidelines used for player characters or NPCs. Instead, follow these simple steps when creating monsters:

  1. Base Stats: Determine the monster’s initial stats based on its size.
  2. Capabilities: Assign whatever Abilities, Perks, Adaptations, and Powers (at whatever degrees of effectiveness) are appropriate to the monster’s role in the setting.

When creating a monster, focus on matching the monster’s capabilities with the challenge it’s supposed to represent—tough opponents get high Fight ARs, Defence, and Wound Limits; humanoid rabble are weaker but come in hordes; weird creatures probably have unconventional means of attack and defence (indeed, part of the challenge they represent is figuring out their weaknesses).

Don’t worry if a monster is too powerful for the characters—they’ll either overcome it (with much rejoicing) or learn (perhaps the hard way) that discretion is the better part of valour.