Perks are special talents available to anyone, regardless of race or class. Most operate automatically by adjusting die rolls or game mechanics in specific situations. You must have the Perk for at least one experience level before you acquire the “Improved” version.

Perks are also good for customising Chimera. Whenever you’re tempted to change the rules, consider assigning your tweaks to a Perk instead. Not only does this save you the effort of making wholesale changes to the entire system, but it lets you introduce the change faster and makes it easier to “pull back” if the tweak doesn’t work out the way you expected.

Perk Descriptions

Perks are listed below; the numbers are provided to allow random determination by the GM when desired.

1d20 Perk Description Improved
1 Batter Bonus of +1 to any hand-to-hand (melee) weapon damage rolls Increase bonus to +2
2 Bullseye Bonus of +1 to any ranged (missile) weapon damage rolls Increase bonus to +2
3 Comely Bonus of +1 to Diplomacy rolls based on physical attractiveness (subject to racial and gender preferences) Increase bonus to +2
4 Crackerjack Bonus of +1 to Resist Traps Increase bonus to +2
5 Economise Bonus of +1 to Gear Checks Increase bonus to +2
6 Energetic Bonus of +1 to Resist Fatigue Increase bonus to +2
7 Etiquette Bonus of +1 to Diplomacy rolls with upper classes Increase bonus to +2
8 Fire Conservation Bonus of +1 to Ammo Checks Increase bonus to +2
9 Giant Killer Bonus of +1 to attack and damage rolls vs. larger foes Increase bonus to +2
10 Healthy Bonus of +1 to Resist Disease and Poison Increase bonus to +2
11 Insulation Bonus of +1 to Resist Powers Increase bonus to +2
12 Lucky Bonus of +1 Clutch Situation each level Increase bonus to +2
13 Marksman Bonus of +1 to Called Shots with ranged weapons Increase bonus to +2
14 Mounted Assault Bonus of +1 to attack and damage rolls while mounted Increase bonus to +2
15 Nimble Bonus of +1 to Parry Increase bonus to +2
16 Portage Bonus of +1 point of “free” Encumbrance Increase bonus to +2
17 Quick Draw Bonus of +1 to Initiative rolls Increase bonus to +2
18 Stout Bonus of +1 to base Defence (DF) Increase base Defence by +2
19 Tough Bonus of +1 to Wound Limit (WL) Increase Wound Limit by +2
20 Weapon Proficiency Bonus of +1 to Initiative rolls with a particular weapon type (a group of related arms: swords, pistols, bows, rifles, etc.) Bonus of +1 to damage rolls with proficient weapons